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„Security means to be always one step ahead of the others.”– Stieg Larsson

The mission of InterTransSec Kft. is to provide answers to all security issues that may arise, relying on internal and where necessary external experts with the involvement of experienced professionals.

We think at a system level. Over the past 25 years, our team of experts has found several special, tailor-made solution for unique situations.

The state of security is always subjective, but the sense of security and effective defence are fundamentally determined by the organization’s responses to specific needs and challenges.

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„Effectiveness is important, but security is more important.” – Brandon Hackett

In our professional experience, this means in practice that a company can only effectively concentrate on a successful and profit-oriented operation, if an overall security awareness, order and system are present in the corporate culture.

Inter trans Sec
Inter trans Sec
Inter trans Sec

Our task:

To identify the possible risks, to adapt the security tasks to the current basic activities at the process management level, to exclude the identified problems, to prevent damage events, and to manage the extraordinary events that may occur.

Our values:

Experienced and trained professional staff, extensive market knowledge. Achieving the goals of InterTransSec Kft. is guaranteed by our preparedness, professional experience and practical training of our staff covering the entire area of the complex security market.


At the professional and business management level we have had a permanent team for decades.


Survey, bidding, implementation, integration, innovation, process control, work organization, execution, inspection, monitoring, reporting, updating, consulting, and targeting.

Our motto:

Legality, discretion, fairness, cost-effectiveness.

Our goal:

Knowing the exact needs of the Client. We want to contribute to the success of our Partners by operating a system of quality professional services.

The formula for the optimal security level, in our opinion:





The optimal level of security is determined by the right balance of security devices and guards, as well as a set of security procedures tailored to the activity in each case.

We help to make security awareness part of the corporate culture and to manage all property protection processes.

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