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Commercial Security Guard Services

//Protection of premises and territories

The security guard service includes the installation, integration, and maintenance of security systems for the protection of the buildings, premises and other sites of the Client, including manpower. We also have complex security solutions for Office Buildings, Financial Institutions, Industrial and Production Plants, and Logistics Parks. We undertake general and special guarding tasks (property protection, reception, monitoring, patrol services).


Event Security Services

//Corporate and mass events

We have outstanding experience in securing events with different security levels. Our clients (even Diplomatic bodies) require security services on special sports and mass events, corporate events, corporate family days, scientific and cultural conferences, etc. We always assess the location during the preliminary site visits, prepare a risk plan, and consult with all related Authorities to ensure a “smooth” event. We have extensive experience in the use of mobile security and event technology devices.



//Government and private orders

Our company has a team of specialists necessary to perform any personal protection tasks (Executive, VIP, Personal), as well as a special fleet of vehicles and equipment. The experience of our personnel performing personal protection tasks is proved by the fact that they participated in the organization and implementation of events such as the visits of the Pope and the Dalai Lama to Hungary, the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Budapest, the meeting of NATO Chiefs of Staff, ensuring the outsourced Hungarian Government meetings, various UN, UNESCO and Diplomatic Organizations meetings, as well as in the personal protection of domestic and foreign state leaders during their travels and programs protected under the international protocol. We have successfully completed private orders for both executive and artist requests. In connection with international organizations, a significant part of our staff received training under the ATAP (Antiterrorism Assistance Program) from BDS (Bureau of Diplomatic Security) agents, or other international training programs, or participated in various foreign missions.



//Inspection, condition assessment

Full or partial inspection, review and condition assessment of the electronic and other security systems installed by the Customer for protection purposes becomes necessary from time to time. Our company undertakes the audit of new buildings, facilities, as well as existing security systems, including electronic security systems, regulations, instructions, and guards (testing the knowledge of regulations, following instructions, tool usage). Following the audits, we always prepare a written proposal for the structure of the security system to be established and for the modernization of the existing systems. We also take on orders where the fields of GDPR, Occupational Safety and Fire Protection are involved.

Biztonságpolitika kidolgozása

Development of security policy

//Processes for implementing protection measures

Systems and structures are key. The basis of all security is to have a system of rules that sets out the main security guidelines. To be able to design a cost-effective and functional system after an accurate risk assessment, it is important to define the customer’s expectations, which are included in the company’s security policy. The Security Policy includes a full description of short, medium, and longer-term security projects along with trainings. Through the security policy developed for the customer’s profile, the processes of the implementation of theoretical and practical protection measures will be traceable. In addition to the preparation of the security policy, InterTransSec Kft. also provides the full or partial management and coordination of the security project. Prevention is always an added value.


Crisis management

//Elaboration and implementation of crisis plans

The shifts in the micro / macro economy can bring significant changes in the lives of large companies, firms, and businesses. Events leading to a crisis situation (utility disruptions, natural disasters, significant losses or accidents, sudden supply chain interruptions, bankruptcies, layoffs due to technology or profile changes, relocation, relocation of production lines, data loss, obstruction of executive management, etc.) requires careful preparation in all cases, which cannot be imagined without a well-trained, experienced team of professionals and adequate technical background. Our company helps with the elaboration of these scenarios, the preparation of crisis management plans, the determination of priorities, and the coordination and implementation of the processes.

Oktatás, képzés


//External and internal professional training

We continuously train our employees in order to acquire new knowledge, to get to know the circumstances and requirements. Our incoming new employees are trained by the area manager on the most important activities related to their job, which is documented on a “Training Record Sheet”. The information required for the preparation of the training plan – needs, planned internal trainings – is recorded by the heads of the respective organizational units and the head of quality management in the form of an annual training plan at the end of each year, which is approved by the Executive Director. Our company provides the following forms of education to implement the necessary trainings: External trainings (school, course, professional workshops), Internal trainings (compulsory quality management training on an annual basis, vocational training, training on entering and training when taking up a new post).
We investigate and analyse incidental erroneous performances and extraordinary events and incorporate in the training the experiences and lessons learned into the implementation processes of the given area.

Emelt szintű továbbképzés

Advanced training

//Unique training program in Europe

Simulation exercises, a unique training program in Europe. This completely new methodology is based on the need to use a weapon during the training. Extreme situations require physical and mental performance. The training takes place in a special tactical building that is fully equipped with video and audio recording devices. This allows events to be reviewed and evaluated. Our listed Instructor colleague took part in the training of the personnel of several foreign missions.

  • development of self-awareness in emergency situations,
  • reasonable risk-taking,
  • endurance under increased pressure,
  • courage, creativity, cognitive processes,
  • stress coping, coping skills,
  • team spirit.
Biztonsági szállítás

Secure Transport

//Domestic and international transport of valuables

InterTransSec Kft. has both domestic and international experience in the field of secure transport of valuables (cargo securing). The extent of the security – considering the needs of the customer – is determined based on the valuation and risk analysis. Thanks to the risk analysis, the price of the service and the level of security are in balance with the value of the cargo. In each new project (especially in an international context), we assess the given route, the peculiarities of the country or region, and its forensic situation. The dispatch centre supervises the security of the cargo. With the introduction of various technical systems (GPS, GPRS, on-board camera, regular check-in), our 24-hour centre constantly monitors the route of the shipments. The key of the success of this activity is the continuous control from the receipt until the delivery of the goods. We have been providing secure transport with particularly high value since 2004 and we can say that (although in several cases we took over the given portfolio with significant and recurring damages to the Client) we haven’t got any extraordinary security incidents due to the applied security regulations.

Subjects: psychotropic substances, weapons, armaments, tax stamps, jewellery, art treasure, cash substitutes, raw cards, documents, special printing materials, exhibition, installation materials.


Security technology

//Design and installation of security systems

The technique, the technology is constantly and rapidly changing. Our employees pay special attention to the knowledge of up-to-date and available solutions, to the feasibility based on the conditions of applicability and technical realities.

Design and installation of classic security systems: The specialists of our technical division are able to prepare the plans, obtain permits, install and complete alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control systems, intercom systems, fire alarm systems, fence protection alarm systems. An important aspect of planning is to develop a “user-friendly” but the most optimal financing solution, considering the needs of the client.

Complex security systems: In order to avoid subsequent system integration (in many cases it is not possible or can only be implemented in a very expensive way), security systems are designed and installed at the same time, taking into account the complexity of the given task.

Special industrial and logistics needs: goods / product tracking (packaging, commissioning – RFID, photo, X-ray image assignment), traffic counting technology, license plate recognition, refuelling, temperature measurement using a control point, metal detector entry point.

Maintenance of security systems: The installed security technology is usually a significant investment and a serious value. A key safety aspect is that the installed, available technology works continuously regardless of the season and time. Therefore maintenance and inspection are essential. We provide service of the maintenance of security systems installed by our company or others.