Our company has a team of specialists necessary to perform any personal protection tasks (Executive, VIP, Personal), as well as a special fleet of vehicles and equipment. The experience of our personnel performing personal protection tasks is proved by the fact that they participated in the organization and implementation of events such as the visits of the Pope and the Dalai Lama to Hungary, the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Budapest, the meeting of NATO Chiefs of Staff, ensuring the outsourced Hungarian Government meetings, various UN, UNESCO and Diplomatic Organizations meetings, as well as in the personal protection of domestic and foreign state leaders during their travels and programs protected under the international protocol. We have successfully completed private orders for both executive and artist requests. In connection with international organizations, a significant part of our staff received training under the ATAP (Antiterrorism Assistance Program) from BDS (Bureau of Diplomatic Security) agents, or other international training programs, or participated in various foreign missions.