The technique, the technology is constantly and rapidly changing. Our employees pay special attention to the knowledge of up-to-date and available solutions, to the feasibility based on the conditions of applicability and technical realities.

Design and installation of classic security systems: The specialists of our technical division are able to prepare the plans, obtain permits, install and complete alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control systems, intercom systems, fire alarm systems, fence protection alarm systems. An important aspect of planning is to develop a “user-friendly” but the most optimal financing solution, considering the needs of the client.

Complex security systems: In order to avoid subsequent system integration (in many cases it is not possible or can only be implemented in a very expensive way), security systems are designed and installed at the same time, taking into account the complexity of the given task.

Special industrial and logistics needs: goods / product tracking (packaging, commissioning – RFID, photo, X-ray image assignment), traffic counting technology, license plate recognition, refuelling, temperature measurement using a control point, metal detector entry point.

Maintenance of security systems: The installed security technology is usually a significant investment and a serious value. A key safety aspect is that the installed, available technology works continuously regardless of the season and time. Therefore maintenance and inspection are essential. We provide service of the maintenance of security systems installed by our company or others.